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The Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme (SEIRS) is a key initiative of SEMA in its ongoing effort to raise standards. Jaap Vos, President of SEMA, explains the latest changes to the SEIRS training course.

For over 50 years’ SEMA has been committed to promoting and extending the safe design, installation and use of storage equipment manufactured, supplied and installed by our members. Improving standards, self-regulating our industry and introducing training initiatives has always been central to this ethos.

A well-designed racking system built and installed to SEMA Codes of Practice, used safely by the workforce and maintained correctly has been proven to deliver a robust return on investment over many years. SEMA knows that training is central to best practice which is why we are recognised as a governing training body of the UK storage industry.

Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme (SEIRS)

One of SEMA’s key initiatives is SEIRS, a national programme for installers. Established in 2001 in response to concerns within the industry on safety at the point of installation, it addresses the Health and Safety needs of the industry by providing a storage industry ‘safety passport.’

As the established safety training programme for installers of storage equipment in the UK, SEIRS is the recognised route to a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card and meets the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) requirements. The CSCS can verify the applicant has obtained the correct qualifications and training to work on construction sites. Where a particular contract or project falls under one of these sites, installers will require a SEIRS/CSCS card.

New SEIRS Training

With the ongoing demand for increasing standards, it is more important than ever that an installer is SEIRS qualified. The storage industry has changed significantly and, in response to industry demands, SEMA has recognised the need to update their training to launch new SEIRS as a diploma in Adjustable Pallet Racking.

With the new SEIRS programme, SEMA wants to ensure that each qualified installer has achieved a minimum level of assessed practical skill in the installation of the storage product. The training course will now change to encompass two parts. Installers new to the industry will first attend the Foundation Course. Existing installers who already hold an in-date SEIRS card will only need to attend the Diploma Course. This cannot be undertaken until existing installers have passed either the CITB Health, Safety & Environment test which is conducted independently of SEIRS by the CITB at one of its test centres, or a Mobile Elevated Work Platform MEWPS 3A and 3B operator certificate, a certificate undertaken by specialist external organisations.

Foundation Course – Part 1

The Foundation level is a one-day classroom-based course that includes a combination of subjects. The course pays particular attention to Health & Safety issues both generic and industry specific that are likely to affect installers on sites. It will also involve the practical use of safety harnesses.

There are no pre-qualification requirements for the Foundation Course unless an installer requires a SEIRS CSCS card. In this case the installer will need to pass the CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test which is conducted independently of SEIRS by the CITB at one of their test centres across the UK.

After successfully completing Part 1, the installer will receive a SEIRS trainee card which will be valid for 6 months. To maintain the qualification and renew their SEIRS ID Card installers will need to successfully pass the Diploma Course.

SEIRS Diploma – Part 2

The Diploma level is a two-day intensive course which will complete installers training to SEIRS diploma standard. Through a mixture of classroom-based theory and a significant practical element, day one will teach delegates how to safely and properly install and dismantle storage equipment. As part of a small team-based assessment, day two will require the installer to erect and dismantle the storage equipment using mechanically assisted build methods.

Before the course installers are required to either hold a Mobile Elevated Work Platform MEWPS 3A and 3B operator certificate or pass the CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test.

Delegates will be assessed throughout day two of the course and on passing receive a diploma and full SEIRS card which is valid for 3 years. If an installer doesn’t pass the practical assessment they can re-apply, and it can be re-taken on the next available Diploma course.


An installer will only need to pass the Diploma Course once. After three years their SEIRS card can be renewed by successfully completing a General Refresher course or one of the higher-level courses.

The SEIRS general refresher course is a one-day classroom-based course for holders of the diploma with entry requiring an up-to-date certificate in one of the nominated pre-qualifications.

The higher-level courses consist of the Supervisor and the SEIRS Installation Manager courses. The Supervisor course is a one-day programme for those working at supervisor or team leader level who have already passed the diploma. The installation manager course is a one-day programme for those who are responsible for managing storage installations contracts who must have completed the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test at manager and professional level prior to attending.

Book Your SEIRS Training

New SEIRS will launch in January 2022. For more information or to book a course you can either fill in the form on our Contact Us page, ring SEMA on 01543 278489 or email [email protected].

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