Raising The Bar

Since the first lockdown over a year ago online sales have seen record growth, with as high as 87% of UK households making a digital purchase last year. Expanding warehouse provision has become a big priority for retailers and suppliers looking to take advantage of this booming market.

The range of storage options is vast. From large sheds on industrial units near major trunk roads all the way through to smaller, unique options, such as disused shop units requiring bespoke racking solutions.

Don’t risk it!

The shift in consumer behaviour has presented many opportunities for the warehousing sector but also risks. After all your operational racking system is a highly stressed piece of engineering and getting the installation correct is essential to the safety of your warehouse.

SEMA’S principles are simple. Safe storage follows a cyclical approach; safe manufacture offering full traceability of product, safe design to meet laid down strict codes of practice, safe installation and a rigorous approach to rack maintenance.

SEMA’s groups are interrelated, supporting end users every step of the way. Our guidance has been diligently thought through from project specification, design and manufacture through SEMA Distributor Companies, distribution and installation involving SEMA Approved Installation Companies and SEIRS registered and trained installers. If installed correctly and properly maintained, SEMA designed, and manufactured storage systems will give maximum life in service and the best return on your investment.

Is your installer qualified?

The Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme or SEIRS is a unique initiative which address the health and safety needs of the industry. Recognised as a best practice example of the industry regulating itself, SEIRS is based on three key components: an installation code of practice, training courses and ID card and registration system.  

The SEMA Guide to Method Statements for the Installation of Storage Equipment is integral to the SEIRS programme and sets out the safe way to assemble the storage equipment. Installers must adhere to this safe way of working and the Guide forms an integral part of the SEIRS training courses.

From erecting a structure through to working safely at height, utilisation of appropriate site plant to supervising and managing teams, the SEIRS courses build into a complete safety training programme. Developed by experts who know the storage industry, SEIRS offers seven RoSPA-approved courses which build a solid foundation of industry specific Health and Safety training. Courses include SEIRS Skills, Advanced, Supervisor, Mezzanines, Installation Management, Shelving and Refresher programmes.

Installers are issued with a SEIRS ID card upon satisfactorily completing a SEIRS Installation safety course which is valid for three years. Site officials such as health and safety inspectors can verify the validity of a person’s ID card by contacting SEMA.

Benefits of Training

As the established safety training programme for installers of storage equipment in the UK, SEIRS is the recognised route to a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card as it meets the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) requirements. The CSCS can verify the applicant has obtained the correct qualifications and training to work on construction sites. Where a particular contract or project falls under one of these sites, installers will require a CSCS card.

To obtain a SEIRS-CSCS card, an installer of storage equipment needs no further qualifications, provided they already possess the minimum SEIRS requirements and have achieved a pass in the CITB Health, Safety and Environment test.

New Training Facility

On 14th April SEMA opened the doors to its new training facilities at Burntwood and launched their 2021 training programme. Designed to meet the needs of each course, the dedicated centre learning in both the classroom and a warehouse setting for the practical elements of the courses. Training courses include SEIRS, SARI and Rack Safety Awareness.

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